Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to or accessed by your web browser or device memory. A cookie typically contains the domain name (internet address) from which the cookie originated, the “lifetime” of the cookie (i.e. when it expires) and a randomly generated unique code or similar identifier. A cookie may also contain information about your device, such as user settings, browsing history and activities performed while using our services.

Are there different types of cookies?

  • First party and third party cookies

There are first party cookies and third party cookies. First party cookies are sent to your device directly from us. For example, we use first party cookies to adapt our website to your browser’s language preferences and to better understand your use of our website. Third party cookies are sent to your device by our partners and service providers. You can learn more about these partners and service providers in the consent management tools on our website and in-app. For more details on these tools, see “How can you control cookies?” below.

  • Session and persistent cookies

There are session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies only last until you close your browser. We use session cookies for a number of reasons, such as to learn more about your use of our website during a single browser session and to help you use our website more efficiently. Persistent cookies have a longer lifetime, even beyond the end of the current session. These types of cookies may be used to help you log back into our site quickly, for analytics purposes, and for other reasons described below.

  • What do we use cookies for?

Like other online service providers, we use cookies to provide, protect, and improve our services, including remembering your preferences, recognising you when you visit our website, measuring the success of our marketing campaigns, and customising and tailoring ads to your interests. To achieve these purposes, we may also link information from cookies with other personal information we have about you.

When you use our services, some or all of the following types of cookies may be set on your device.

  • Cookie type Description

Essential cookies These cookies are strictly necessary to provide you with our services, such as to enable you to sign in, remember your preferences and keep you safe by detecting malicious activity.

Analytics cookies These cookies help us to understand how our services are used and help to personalise and improve our services for you.

Advertising and marketing cookies These cookies are used to determine the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and to make the ads you see more relevant to you. They perform functions such as helping us to know the traffic our marketing campaigns generate for our services, preventing the same ad from reappearing again and again, ensuring advertisers’ ads are displayed correctly, selecting ads relevant to your interests, and measuring the number of ads viewed and their performance, such as how many people interacted with a particular ad.

  • How can you control cookies?

You have several options for managing cookies. Please note that changes to your cookie preferences may make using our services a less satisfactory experience, as they may not be sufficiently personalised for you. In some cases, you may not even be able to use all or part of our services.

  • Browser and device controls

Some web browsers have settings that allow you to control or reject cookies or alert you when a cookie is placed on your computer. The procedure for handling cookies is slightly different for each internet browser. You can check the detailed steps in the help menu of your specific browser.

In addition, you may also have the option to reset device identifiers or choose to disable the collection or processing of identifiers using the appropriate settings on your mobile device. The procedures for managing identifiers are slightly different for each device. You can refer to the detailed steps in the guide or in the settings menu of your specific device.

  • Google™ cookies
  • Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a Google service that uses cookies and other data collection technologies to collect information about your use of the website and services, in order to record website trends.

For more information on how Google collects and processes data, please visit You can choose to disable Google Analytics by downloading the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on at and disable Google ad customisation at

How to contact us?

If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, here’s how you can contact us: